We manufacture tools and components for a wide range of industries, whether a one off bespoke design or batches. Formrite, using the latest manufacturing technology, produce components at a competitive price and speedy lead time.

At the start of any new project, there is always uncertainty.

Will a new design actually do the job for which it is intended – or will the design team have to re-think their ideas and calculations?

At Formrite we have vast experience of working with clients’ design engineers to develop prototypes that are very often used as part of the product design process. These are used to either confirm performance prior to starting production or to iron out any unexpected problems. Frequently problems can lead to the exploration of design alternatives, resulting in fresh insights that can have a very positive effect on a project.

We view working on prototypes very much as a collaborative process, with our designers exchanging ideas with our clients’ teams as everybody works to get the right outcome.