Special Purpose Machinery

For more than forty years Formrite have been manufacturing special purpose machinery for all types of product manufacture, gauging, parts handling requirements, producing bespoke solutions to many industries.

Our team of highly experienced engineers will personally handle your project from initial enquiry through to the final commissioning of the completed machine. By working in this way we ensure that the product meets all of the criteria and specifications expected of it.

Machinery we have manufactured recently includes:

  • Bush insertion machinery to assemble bush units into automotive suspension components
  • Boring machinery to bore holes accurately in automotive components
  • Drilling and tapping machinery for automotive components
  • Gear de-burring and chamfering machines for various gears, pinions and crown wheels
  • Automatic assembly machinery
  • Automatic parts handling line
  • Welding machine to automatically micro-plasma stainless steel components
  • Special purpose facing, centering and centre-drilling machine
  • Special purpose milling machine to mill radial slots in a lock mechanism
  • Automatic assembly and finishing of solenoid cartridges
  • Crack detection machine, auto crack detection of automotive parts at a rate of ten per minute